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Cincinnati Web DesignWhy web design with Data Design Systems is the right choice!

Selecting the right web design partner is very import to a successful project. The UX / UI will give your website the look and feel you want. It will also help convey the message you are trying to relay to the user.

Web design is different from website development as we are designing the website and not building or developing any code behind the application. Our experienced web design team will guide you through the User Experience (UX) and the development of the User Interface (UI) commonly referred to as UX / UI.

Effective web design requires an effective process, therefore, our team has developed a four part system.

Requirement Gathering

First, our team works with you to gather all of your requirements. We want to understand every aspect of the site including your target audience, functionality, and usage goals.  Once our  Web Design Companies in Cincinnati team has a clear understanding of your application we move into the next phase of wire framing.

Wire Framing

In addition to gathering requirements our design team develops a set or wire frames. The wire frames allows the team to develop the placement and flow of each page with the ability to modify quickly. Each page of your application will be developed using gray scale lines and boxes. This is will provide  guided path into the next phase of concept development.

Concept Development

Upon completion of the wire frame process our web design team will begin working on full color concepts for each page of our application. The color concepts are what will be used when the website development and programming beings. Upon completion of the concepts we will add the concepts into an interactive image tool that will allow you to view what the site will look like on both desktop and mobile.

Finally, once web design is complete our process will then move to our development team. Please click here to learn more about  Web Design Companies in Cincinnati & our development process.

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